Alexandra T. Dalton Sr. Photos is a docu-moment from the spring of 2010 photographed by the exceptional folks at Mildred Morris Photography...


Alexandra T. Dalton Sr. Photos original release date: May 10, 2010 - Monticello, Illinois.


Monticello Marching Sages 2009 Field Show - in 3 minutes is a docu-moment from the University of Illinois Memorial Stadium which occurs in October of each year.

Note the various shapes and configurations that simply cannot be seen from a typical high school football field.  Also keep your eyes on a single student and note the great distances he or she travels in a single performance...

Marching Sages in Less Than 3 Minutes original release date: November 12, 2009 - Monticello, Illinois.


I Got Your Back Brother is a docu-moment from the annual Dalton Derby which occurs in June of each year.  Older brother Dalton Mathews has "overcast" his spinner bait into a tree branch then positions the boat for his brother Sean Allen James to help.  With a little encouragement, Sean Allen eventually decides to climb up and stand in his swivel seat to reach the ever tangling fishing line ...

Filmed entirely at Walnut Point State Park, this video has caused viewers (Mathews) to: laugh, cry, and even wet his pants a little.

While Sean still claims that Mathews rocked to boat, it is still undetermined just what caused this horrific accident ....

I Got Your Back, Brother original release date:  December 25, 2007 - Monticello, Illinois. 


Oxen Over Fence is a docu-moment taken from a full length documentary titled: Grandpa You're the Greatest which features the Dalton's grandfather Loren Sosamon. In this chapter of the film, we find grandpa and the Dalton's father Sonny attempting to "drive" the oxen without much luck in controlling the desired speed or direction of the two beasts which ultimately destroyed a $300 yoke and two $500 gates.

Filmed in his natural setting, Grandpa is at the top of his game here.  This "never before seen footage" will make you wonder if you are really seeing what you think you are ... but rest assured;  the gate is real, the oxen are real, and these two animals actually went over the 5 ft high rail like two trained whales would jump through a hoop at Sea World.



Oxen Over Fence original release date:  December 1987 - Farmer City, Illinois. 


The Sad Shoes is the first docu-moment ever produced digitally by dalton productions in 2006.

Filmed in his natural setting, Sean Allen James is at the top of his game here. This ground-breaking video short has set the bar for what most would describe as: "totally a waste of time". While some suggest that too much time is spent developing the beginning and ending credits, DT Mathews refutes this claim saying simply: "I liked the music and didn't want to just look at blackness. If you don't like the words on the screen, just close your eyes and enjoy the jazz."

The Sad Shoes original release date: July 2006 - Monticello, Illinois.


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