Red Bud Tree is dalton productions first real attempt at a genuine music video. Featuring the dalton brothers grandma, Marilyn Sosamon, the video highlights the many talents of the King Family Band as well as Eric Defend who lends his acting skills to the project.

Filmed in rural Monticello, IL (Lodge Park, Sangamon River, and a couple of the Kings neighbors homes on Shady Rest Road), the video is but just a beginning to what we hope to be a long and fruitful relationship between the Kings and daltonproductions.

Red Bud Tree original release date: October 17, 2011


Jack Spade is a world class poker player whose daughter competes on a local dance team.  His heart is in the wrong place, but his manners are ... well ... also in the wrong place.  Listen in to his latest self-proclaiming video as he attempts to taunt the various players into betting more than they should.  One thing is for sure, you will never know if your sitting across the table from Jack Spade - until it's too late!

Filmed entirely in at daltonproduction studios, Jack is at the top of his game here. This ground-breaking video features Jack - along with only a few of his alias' ...

Jack Spade original release date:  Summer 2011 - Loui the Greek's Basement
Mahomet, Illinois. 


Simply Go & Serve is part of a series of video introductions that dalton productions created to be played before the congregation at Crossroads Church just prior to the message being given.

Filmed on the back deck of Dalton Mathews home, the video is intended to cover both "going" and "serving" in a sarcastic way that is humorous.  Cameo appearances include Dalton's wife Dee as well as Ashley Rogers.

Simply Go & Serve original release date: May 2008 - Crossroads Church Morning Service, Monticello, Illinois.


The RAD Art Project was an 8th grade art project produced in the spring semester of 2009 for Monticello Middle School.

Filmed entirely in her basement, Raegan Ashley Dalton is at the top of her game here. This ground-breaking video features her 3 piece ROCK BAND (made up of her and her 2 twin sisters Ray and Rhonnie) and shows obvious signs of a second generation of dalton productions talent. Originally intended to be shown only in her art class, this video eventually was broadcast by the Principal throughout the entire Middle School on all the TV monitors before the entire student body ...


The RAD Art Project original release date:  May 2009 - Monticello Middle School, Monticello, Illinois. 


The King of Diamonds was the first film produced by dalton productions in 2006.

Filmed entirely in their back yard, Dalton Mathews cast his two daughters and two cousins in what will undoubtedly go on someday to become a cult classic.  Inspired by the film makers John Houston and Ed Wood, this attempt at a horror film has caused viewers to: laugh, cry, jump, yell, scream, and even get up and leave in the middle of the film.

While footage of the entire film has been lost over time, these four short clips that have been salvaged illustrate the obvious brilliance and insight of what the original full length "King of Diamonds" must have been.

Cast includes:  Alex Dalton, Raegan Dalton, Emma Fleener, Boston Fleener, Bo the neighbors dog, and Scooby the family pet.

The King of Diamonds original release date:  October 29, 2006 - Monticello, Illinois. 


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